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UNITED 328 Engine Failure! WHAT CHECKLISTS did the pilots use? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE 

Captain Joe
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Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
On the 20th of February 2021, a United Boeing 777-200, registration N772UA performing flight UA-328 from Denver,CO to Honolulu,HI (USA) with 231 passengers and 10 crew, was in the initial climb out of Denver's runway 25 when the right hand engine's (PW4077) inlet separated associated with the failure of the engine. The crew declared Mayday reporting an engine failure. The aircraft stopped the climb at about 13000 feet, the crew requested to return to Denver after running the checklists. ATC offered any runway, they would make it happen. The aircraft returned to Denver for a safe landing on runway 26 about 23 minutes after departure. The aircraft stopped on the runway for a check by emergency services. Emergency services advised of an active fire within the right hand engine and extinguished the fire a few minutes later. The aircraft was subsequently towed off the runway to a remote parking stand, where passengers disembarked and were bussed to the terminal. There were no injuries.
The engine inlet fell into the neighbourhood of Broomfield,CO, located about 16nm west of Denver near 13th and Elmwood Street, the debris also struck through the roof of an adjacent house.
Broomfield police reported that although debris impacted the neighbourhood and damaged a number of homes, there were no injuries on the ground. The debris field expands over a nautical mile.
Ground observers reported hearing the sound of an explosion like bang, smoke and saw the debris falling down. The aircraft continued flying.
Watch the video to learn more about what happened!
Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
Wishing you all the best!
Your "Captain" Joe
Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Your content is highly appreciated. Please follow their channels:
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phil pellerito
phil pellerito 2 საათის წინ
Excellent video well done!
Fjon 2 საათის წინ
I feel sorry for the person that had to clean all of the passengers seats 😳
laudanum669 2 საათის წინ
What would have geen the outcome if this happened half way to Hawaii over the Pacific?
Bernd Lorenz
Bernd Lorenz 3 საათის წინ
LexCheung 3 საათის წინ
Captain smurf
Jorge Carlos Fiestas
Jorge Carlos Fiestas 3 საათის წინ
Amazing video,thank you! Here more info about this...It seems that the belly was damaged too gemuch.info/it/video/r7WpsI-Kyc-q2YM.html. All the best from Australia!
mai mai
mai mai 3 საათის წინ
thank u 4 ur ez english ! from jpn
Reg 3 საათის წინ
Good information.
Michael Jonauskis
Michael Jonauskis 3 საათის წინ
Great video. Good work :)
Streetrulz 3 საათის წინ
Love this video fantastic
patidar 3 საათის წინ
L Whipple
L Whipple 3 საათის წინ
UEE? You mean liberation
cc sports fan
cc sports fan 3 საათის წინ
1st timer here new subscriber excellent video thank you
Gilles Turcotte
Gilles Turcotte 3 საათის წინ
The pilot is so incompetent that to his mayday the controller replies : what ? ... especially knowing it was an "emergency" and not a "mayday"
Roger Gustafsson
Roger Gustafsson 3 საათის წინ
Can we rely on the Americans when it comes to airplanes these days?
Truth in the name of Christ
Truth in the name of Christ 3 საათის წინ
47 hour flight to Honolulu??? Really?
Oscar Morvillo
Oscar Morvillo 3 საათის წინ
Great Video good job!
CaptainUnderdogg 3 საათის წინ
well done, thank you for clear and professional analysis!
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 4 საათის წინ
Always a little nervous about flying, but the Crew's and the ATC's professionalism always reassures me!
Wangala Mbuzi
Wangala Mbuzi 4 საათის წინ
Awesome analysis. Thank you!
Tien Huynh
Tien Huynh 4 საათის წინ
thank you sir... well said....
jonathan lavezzi
jonathan lavezzi 4 საათის წინ
And this is why planes have gone from for engines to two.
Jackson Moffatt
Jackson Moffatt 4 საათის წინ
Did he say a 47 hour flight?
LPCustom3 4 საათის წინ
Cheers! Great info!
Calvin Lawson
Calvin Lawson 4 საათის წინ
More NDT bottom line!
Jeremy Alysandratos
Jeremy Alysandratos 4 საათის წინ
white balance set wrong ?
Andrew Bond
Andrew Bond 4 საათის წინ
Isn't there a risk that while they're running through the lengthy checklist, the fire will weaken structural members in the wing, and it fails? How bad does a fire have to be for the crew to abandon the checklist and try to land immediately? What if they were losing consciousness? Glad they all made it in this case!
Germán Cornejo
Germán Cornejo 4 საათის წინ
Great explanation!! Thanks Capt.
Raed Matti
Raed Matti 4 საათის წინ
Perfect explanation Captin 👨🏻‍✈️🙏
blanky blank
blanky blank 4 საათის წინ
Hey Joe, was wondering if you can make a video about the whole maintenance portion of airlines and cargo carriers. I have always been amazed by aircrafts and want to know some of the behind the scenes stuff!
Jose Stein
Jose Stein 4 საათის წინ
Stick actuators are funny
newlam 4 საათის წინ
I will know the whole story when it appears on the Smithonian's Channels' "Air Disasters".
Adam Lewellen
Adam Lewellen 4 საათის წინ
Some lady almost got sucked out the plane in a similar engine failure. Broke the window.
Travel With Us
Travel With Us 4 საათის წინ
Saw this on news as it was happening. So glad no one was injured and what an amazing job everyone involved did.
Mik Moen
Mik Moen 5 საათის წინ
I'd call this fate telling me "You really shouldn't go to Hawaii".
Grahame Gould
Grahame Gould 5 საათის წინ
It's annoying the time stamp in the top left is covered. eg 10:18
tmkga 5 საათის წინ
Excellent analysis and presentation of a complicated situation.
Mark Sims
Mark Sims 5 საათის წინ
Great breakdown as usual. Thanks!
David James
David James 5 საათის წინ
Future grand dad: Back when I was a lad, we had to drive our own cars... and planes had pilots.
comment bot : 15
comment bot : 15 5 საათის წინ
I went boom And it not a good thing normally
MJ 5 საათის წინ
I can't imagine a better real time breakdown and explanation of what was going on. Bravo, sir!
Mike Arakelian
Mike Arakelian 5 საათის წინ
Used to live in Broomfield... As an optic tech; glad i missed that event. Quit flying before that after 20 yrs....
Muhammad Abubakar
Muhammad Abubakar 5 საათის წინ
5:13 It might also be because of fire. To keep the fire burning away from the fuselage just in case...
dnfwme 5 საათის წინ
Very Happy everyone was safe.
Godfrey Watson
Godfrey Watson 5 საათის წინ
I enjoyed the video. Nice and informative. I’ve never had any kind of an emergency as a flight instructor or an ATP level pilot. It’s nice to see how such a situation is handled.
Attack Monkiez
Attack Monkiez 5 საათის წინ
Little JB weld and a nut on the fan blade and Bob won't go to Hawaii.
k24774567 5 საათის წინ
See FlyWithGarrett, this is how you talk about an aviation incident without making an ass of yourself and firebombing your own career.
Leonardo Silver
Leonardo Silver 5 საათის წინ
First Officer Joe!!! Come on Joe there is nothing wrong with accepting what you are, being an FO is a good thing, every Captain was an FO first. Will you call yourself an Astronaut when/if you get to be a real Captain one day? 🙄
jordan rausch
jordan rausch 5 საათის წინ
When they say they need to check checklists what exactly do they mean by that?
Pilot Ready
Pilot Ready 5 საათის წინ
Checklists are basically instructions/directions for pilots to follow whether if it’s a normal flight, or a flight with an emergency. They are there to make sure pilots aren’t forgetting something important like the lights or raising or retracting the landing gear.
MusicLover 5 საათის წინ
Fan blade flew, engine cowling couldn't hold the blown out blade. Boom. It shows the brilliance that goes into aircraft construction that a failure like this happens and the jets still under complete control and can land on one engine.
Kathleen Roper
Kathleen Roper 5 საათის წინ
What would have changed in the procedure had the aircraft been in the middle of the Pacific when the engine blew out?
Vince DC
Vince DC 5 საათის წინ
Constantine Metaxas
Constantine Metaxas 5 საათის წინ
What a great explanation !
embrj145 5 საათის წინ
47 hours flight?
Kajzer Soze
Kajzer Soze 5 საათის წინ
Superb ATC Controller, and Pilots.
Bob leroy
Bob leroy 5 საათის წინ
Thanks for the details .
Wang Jinwen
Wang Jinwen 5 საათის წინ
Whats happening this is the 2nd time. The last time the exact same thing happen in united airlines 1175
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 6 საათის წინ
Sounds like he said a 47 hour flight to Hawaii but I know he said for a 7 hour flight.
HERPDEDERP49 6 საათის წინ
> TFW Americans even circumcise their jet engines
T Bob
T Bob 6 საათის წინ
Rumor is the passengers were watching “Airplane”...
Hex Flareheart
Hex Flareheart 6 საათის წინ
A very refreshing change of pace from the general negativity of the past few months in particular; seeing a video like this explaining the procedures these pilots went through and praising them for an outstanding job well done is very nice. Shit happens, things undergo catastrophic failures from time to time. What matters is how those failures are handled, and in this case the failure was handled flawlessly by all parties involved. A very welcome dose of positivity around an otherwise very harrowing subject.
James Hernandez
James Hernandez 6 საათის წინ
I’ll tell you what happened engine goes boom people go ahhh plane lands and passengers still go to Hawaii Honolulu. While people on ground get debris in there properties. Done boom enjoy your fucking day
53KCOLG 6 საათის წინ
Lucky she didn’t blow half way over the Pacific.
James Ollick
James Ollick 6 საათის წინ
Chris Adams
Chris Adams 6 საათის წინ
Good job! Just FYI, airliners don’t push the power further up to accelerate out of 10,000ft. They are already at climb power and just put the nose down to accelerate to a faster climb speed.
No Lollygagging
No Lollygagging 6 საათის წინ
So everyone has reddit now. Thats Great
Julian Flores
Julian Flores 6 საათის წინ
Bunch of bull crap the companies need to change parts after they reach so many hours. They get away with shit till the shit hits the fan.
0MK Zero0
0MK Zero0 6 საათის წინ
You’re not a pilot you’re probably just a co-pilot
Bruce Deville
Bruce Deville 6 საათის წინ
Excellent video
Tiago Flanker
Tiago Flanker 6 საათის წინ
Great job, nice analysis!
Terry Pi
Terry Pi 6 საათის წინ
Those pilots deserve a raise
Guy Prior
Guy Prior 6 საათის წინ
I really enjoyed your candor on this matter. I was an emergency firefighter with the New Zealand Airforce and you are right its definitely a team effort, 10/10
BubblesPothowari 6 საათის წინ
Salute from a Harrier Jump Jet guy....... Friendly tone, clear insights, systemic review, inspiring approach. Thank you Capt Joe.
Mr Danger
Mr Danger 6 საათის წინ
I was on the tower radio for USAIR in Dec 1987 in Philadelphia when Flt*225 a Boing 737_200 series PHYSICALLY lost an engine at about 5000ft during takeoff. The engine landed in Depford NJ. The Plane RTF without any injuries. What I learned is the engine broke loose from the rear mount and accelerated up over the wing because it was under takeoff power. The WHOLE engine went over the wing and lightly and clipped the rudder. Could of been horrible but those Vietnam era pilots were well trained. Link to story www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1987-12-06-mn-27120-story.html
Mike Mazzola
Mike Mazzola 6 საათის წინ
My brother is a United Airlines Captain and this video shows why he is deservedly proud of his airline. Captain Joe did a fine job highlighting the professionalism of this cockpit and cabin crew, and the air traffic control team supporting them during this inflight emergency.
fdsafdsa fdsafdsafdsa
fdsafdsa fdsafdsafdsa 6 საათის წინ
Missed cracked fan blade, same thing happened to SW air in 2017.
cooper jackson
cooper jackson 6 საათის წინ
Thanks for the breakdown.
Richard Hasson
Richard Hasson 6 საათის წინ
Stop speeding
Jestem Soba
Jestem Soba 6 საათის წინ
Why they didn't evacuate if there was fire? Why did the engine explode?
Don Juan
Don Juan 6 საათის წინ
I don't know about any checklist.. I would just check to see if i dropped some mud!
john craig
john craig 6 საათის წინ
Great video my friend! Thank you
thebeaz1 6 საათის წინ
1,000 comedians out of work and we get stuck with you losers.
Saratoga Industries Inc.
Saratoga Industries Inc. 6 საათის წინ
Why wasn't it a 'Pan Pan' call rather than a 'Mayday'?
Ramoxfire Leader of Gauntlet Squadron
Ramoxfire Leader of Gauntlet Squadron 6 საათის წინ
People underestimate the power of communication
Bonjovi AE
Bonjovi AE 6 საათის წინ
The real takeaway, B777 can really land with only one engine, even with full passengers on board.
Adrian Iniguez
Adrian Iniguez 6 საათის წინ
Gotta give love to the pilots man 💪🏼 nerves of steel!
Dwaine 5836
Dwaine 5836 6 საათის წინ
They Didn't say how many people on board or how much fuel
Frederiksted St. Croix
Frederiksted St. Croix 7 საათის წინ
47 hours???????????????
Preston 7 საათის წინ
Bright Side Watching This Video: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN
Afro Samurai
Afro Samurai 7 საათის წინ
Counterfeit parts from China got into the inventory...
Car Ander
Car Ander 7 საათის წინ
Why is it always so hard to understand what comes through the radio?
God'sNotDead 00
God'sNotDead 00 7 საათის წინ
The 694 thumbs down is the E-tardy human beings that don't respect this Captain explanations. They are either Aliens invasion on earth or just a bunch of you know what...
Stand User Leon
Stand User Leon 7 საათის წინ
*Engine parts fall on yard* “Ay bro watch yo jet”
Christian Maddy
Christian Maddy 7 საათის წინ
FYI: Broomfield. Bloomfield is in Connecticut. Video is great.
Shayne T. Pendrick
Shayne T. Pendrick 7 საათის წინ
I stand by what I said earlier and if any I get any ridicule, it will be reported. You calling yourself "Captain" Joe is false advertising and falsely representing your current position as a pilot. You wear the three stripes of a First Officer. One of your compatriots who has another channel, not sure if you even know of him, Mentour Pilot IS in fact a bona fide four stripe captain of his airline, on Boeing 737s if I recall correctly. I've reported your channel for the false information in your channel name.
Neftali Asch
Neftali Asch 7 საათის წინ
John Rettig
John Rettig 7 საათის წინ
I'll Walk .
a nu start
a nu start 7 საათის წინ
Why is your voice talk like that.?
Tonio Yendis
Tonio Yendis 7 საათის წინ
So glad this didn't happen while over the ocean!
Miguel Mota
Miguel Mota 7 საათის წინ
This guy makes airplanes and being a pilot interesting as heck. I always feel like wanting to become a pilot after watching his videos lol
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